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Brockton to Beacon Hill

Welcome to my series, "Brockton to Beacon Hill". In this series, I will go to small businesses in Brockton to try their food, see their services, and connect with the community. Very excited to be able to do this with help from Brockton Community Access! We are able to reserve one of their cameras to use for filming and then they edit the film for us. I really appreciate them making this possible for us!

Episode 1: Cabo Vegan

Our first stop on this tour of small businesses was 'Cabo Vegan' in Brockton. I got to sit down with the owners of Cabo Vegan, Tomé, and Valery. They taught me about the health benefits of eating vegan and I tried their signature 'lobster roll' and 'tuna sandwich'. Both were delicious! Be on the lookout for more episodes coming soon!

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